Youth Media Council

The National Media Council launched the Youth Media Council initiative based on the findings of a first-of-its-kind survey, which was conducted nation-wide in collaboration with the UAE University’s Centre for Public Policy and Leadership. Entitled Sources of Youth for Obtaining Information and News, the study provides insight into the local media sector, along with suggestions to upgrade it to meet international standards and best practices

Membership Requirements

Every young person, regardless of gender, is entitled to apply for membership of the Youth Media Council during the application period, provided that the following conditions are met:

Having good conduct

Media student or media professional

Emirati citizen or resident of the UAE

Age 18 to 30 years old

Hamad A. Alaydaroos


After graduating from university, Hamad Alaydaroos participated in several leading programs in the field of energy, such as the KAIST International Leadership Program in nuclear energy. The program enhanced his leadership skills and enriched his knowledge of the energy sector. Meanwhile, his participation in the Young Future Energy Leaders Program at the Masdar Institute reinforced his interest in renewable energy. During his university years, Hamad was elected to become the President of Student Council of he University “University of Khalifa” from 2014 to 2016, and head of the university’s orientation program. Regarding his vision of the most important challenges facing young people in the field of media, Hamad believes that the traditional media are the most prominent of these challenges, especially as they limit the possibilities and capabilities of young people, particularly after the emergence of social media. Therefore, satellite channels and local newspapers have to develop new mechanisms to activate the role of youth to match this great transformation. As for the procedures to activate the role of young people in media, Hamad believes that there is a possibility to attract young people wishing to develop their media skills through work of programs in cooperation with media institutions. Hamad Alaydaroos holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Khalifa University with honors, and is currently working in energy sector

Abdulla Al Neyadi


After graduating, Abdulla participated in multiple media programs, such as the Young Media Leadership Program of the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF). While still a student, Al Neyadi conducted an interview titled “The private sector is more than just a job” with H.H. Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs. He also participated in the SNAP program (sky-news Arabia program). Al Neyadi holds Bachelor’s of Mass Communication- path (PR), from the United Arab Emirates University, and currently works for the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority

Shehabaddin Ali Al Serri


During his university studies, Shehabaddin Ali Al Serri worked in the university’s Marketing Department as a team leader and prepared digital content. He also supervised the projects of the Abu Dhabi University for the year 2017. Al Serri believes that the involvement of young people in the industry and the formulation of inclusive media policies will allow them to play their role more effectively. Young people and their views are marginalized in the preparation of media content, visions and plans. Hence, embracing the youth’s energy and ideas will be one of the most important policies with the most profound impact on upgrading the media system. Media space today is open to everyone, Al Serri believes; anyone with Internet access and a smart device can become a reporter, photographer, or media professional, which previously required more study and experience. Al Serri believes this openness is a double-edged sword: while it increases young people’s sources of information and provides more opportunities for them, it has disadvantages, including circulating unverified information and content that lacks credibility. From here, Al Serri believes that the most important challenges facing the youth media are the intellectual and moral rehabilitation of the media, participation or publication in or through them. Shehabaddin Ali Al Serri holds a Bachelor’s degree in public communication from Abu Dhabi University

Rafed Ahmed Al Harithi


In cooperation with the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare, Rafed Al Harithi participated in many youth conferences and forums. He was nominated by the Korean Center in the UAE to participate in the Korean-Arab Forum for Leaders of the Next Generation in Seoul, where he presented a paper on the possibility of cultural acquaintance between Korea and the UAE. Al Harithi believes that by establishing youth work teams relying on technology, we can spread awareness among young people about any phenomenon in society. On the main challenges facing young people in the field of media, Al Harithi called on media organizations to empower the youth by creating shadow training teams that empower a second and third generation of young media leaders who can interact with more experienced media veterans. Al Harithi believes that leadership opportunities in the media sectors are missing among the youth, which makes the chances of attracting Emirati media talents in all fields very small, he also belive that there is a to lack of media responsibility towards contents that is relevant to youth. Rafed Al Harithi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from the Abu Dhabi Men’s College

Hameed Yousuf


Hameed Yousuf holds Bachelor of Business Administration affiliated with Mahatma Gandhi University. In addition to his day job as a Digital Media Director at BPG Group , Yousuf is working as lecturer at universities, content writer for prominent digital channels and vlogs on tech, engines and young artists in the region. Yousuf believes the most important challenges facing young people in media are limited resources for knowledge-sharing, largely conventional leadership, lack of youth ambassadors to follow, and lack of institutions for training and moderation. Strategy to enhance the role of youth in media sector: create a platform for the youth to openly access and share knowledge, select ambassadors to educate, mentor and moderate media discussions & activities

Manar Mohammad


Manar Mohamad entered the media sector with a strong desire and determination to excel in this specialization. Today, he is still a fourth-year student at Ajman University – specializing in radio and television. Manar Mohamad takes up many different media activities in the University. He believes establishing projects or channels (such as centers or clubs) for media students and those interested in the sector will encourage them to contribute their ideas and activate their role. Furthermore, organizing various international media events allows young people to exchange experiences with their international counterparts, and introduces them to global success stories

Mariam Al Zaabi


Mariam Al Zaabi is an international trainer accredited by the Kaizen Development Center and the American Institute for Professional Studies, where she specialized in institutional and self-development. Al Zaabi held a number of workshops and training courses at the Abu Dhabi Government level. She is currently working in the field of communication and information at The Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions and Benefits Fund (ADRPBF), where she received the Internal Excellence Award and was honored by The Office of Government Communication at the General Secretariat of the Executive Council in Abu Dhabi for her excellence in managing social media networking sites at the corporate level. With extensive experience in policy development, analysis and research, Al Zaabi has published several scientific articles and participated in local and international conferences. Mariam Al Zaabi has a Master’s in Public Administration from Zayed University

Ameera Mohammad


Amira Mohammed started her media career while still a student, believing in the importance of getting practical experience before graduation. After graduating, Amira worked at Abu Dhabi Media, presenting “The Spirit of the Union”, a live and daily program where she met with influential figures to shed light on important local topics. Media is a message and content must reflect love, peace and tolerance, Mohammad believes, stressing the media’s role in reflecting a positive image of the UAE, and underlining certain practices as skills that must be continuously honed, such as constantly questioning, observing, and analyzing everything to reach one’s own conclusions. An ideal way to engage young people and include them in the media sector, she believes, is to educate them to properly utilize the media instruments they have – most notably, new and digital media. Another important practice is to hold periodic meetings with the youth to understand their point of view. She identified a number of challenges facing young people in their media careers, including not having enough space to utilize their creative energies; and being pressured to adhere to traditional tools and methods in publishing. Amira Mohammad holds a Bachelor’s of communication and Information Studies – Journalism from the American University in Dubai

Alia Busaim Al Falasi


Since her graduation from university, Alia Al Falasi has worked in many media and volunteer programs, and currently works as a presenter on Al-Oula radio station of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Center for Cultural Heritage. Previously, she worked as a reporter and editor for Emirates News of the Dubai Media Incorporated. Al Falasi presents two different live programs: One concerning young people under the name “Youth Opinion”, and the other under the name "Hayak in my country", specializing in local tourism and heritage. As a news correspondent, Al Falasi covered social issues, reporting on the UAE’s humanitarian assistance abroad. Al Falasi believes that activating the role of young people in participating with “Emirates Council for Youth” seminars is very important to support and express their views and requirements. This provides an opportunity for young aspiring media professionals and enthusiasts to find solutions to help meet the challenges. Alia holds a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Media at Zayed University, Dubai

Maitha Al Gergawi


Maitha Al Gergawi has experience in editing press releases, television and radio work, as well as in the field of “New Media” (social media) for more than 6 years. She has organized nearly 40 major events in various fields, including media, entrepreneurship, settlement, and culture among others, taking part in training courses and workshops in the UAE and abroad. To meet these challenges, Al Gergawi believes it necessary to provide practical training for young people in various media organizations; set laws and policies to involve them in media institutions; establish privileges and incentives for them to work in media; and communicate with young media professionals on a continuous basis to listen to them, promote their role, and support them. Maitha Al Gergawi holds a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations and Advertising from the Faculty of Communication and Information Sciences at Zayed University in Dubai

Hadeel Hussam


Hadeel Hussam is a student at Abu Dhabi University. As for her vision of the challenges that sre facing young people in the media, She believes that educating the youth through social media is one of the most important tools to face these challenges

Shaima Al Ammari


Shaima began her career immediately after graduating from university, participating in the jury at the Zayed University Film Festival. Driven by a desire to develop her filmmaking skills, she joined the Arab Film Studio with ImageNation – Abu Dhabi. Prior to working for twofour54, Al Ammar worked as a program assistant in the Future Energy Leaders Program at Masdar Institute. Her mandate at twofour54 included counseling for young people in media projects, media opportunities, workshops and various events. Al Ammari worked with New York University to develop business concepts by entering StartAD and working on her project “Matara” to produce creative video content. Al Ammari holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Media from Zayed University - Abu Dhabi

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